Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Exhibbit your online gallery


The Exhibbit software is used by galleries, artists, universities, and schools. Additionally, within the past year an increasing number of artists agents are using Exhibbit gallery spaces as a central presentation platform. This enables clients to view and experience their stable of artists using both solo and group exhibitions.

These agents are based right around the globe; holding regular exhibitions whilst rotating their artists as the shows change. By using Exhibbit, they enable a solution to curate, invite, manage openings, and broaden their social marketing to both a global and local audience; by utilising it's low cost and wide accessibility.

This is an exciting trend and one that should have a positive impact on the industry.

Here are a few examples...

BAL Project - Peru

BAL Project is a web-based art gallery that provides virtual spaces, through Exhibbit, for artists to exhibit their works internationally, and connect them with collectors through online marketing.

"Our intention is that the gallery is the point where all artists and art lovers from around the world, unite."

The Bal Project team invite artists to submit their work bi-annually; from this they will select artists for their group exhibitions.


Love it Art Gallery - Canada

Love it Art is an online gallery that aims to make art an accessible pursuit; by connecting their audience with artists through studio visits, assembling pop-up exhibitions, through showing at international art fairs, and through using Exhibbit as their 3D gallery exhibition platform.

"Love It Art is an online exhibiting gallery serving a niche group of art lovers and collectors who embrace technology as well as culture and diversity."


ZIZZI ART - International Online Gallery

ZIZZI ART Gallery focuses its on emerging international contemporary artists working across a wide variety of media.
ZIZZI's art advisors provide a personal service for their clients. They support the careers of their artists with a program of rotating exhibitions, as well as a number of independently curated shows featuring external artists.

"ZIZZI ART is a premium 3D online gallery, connecting people with art through exhibitions, redefining their experience with artists they love, by making it easy and welcoming to all."

Artwork is exhibited via a series of group and solo presentations in their online Exhibbit space.


The Other Side Art Gallery - Portugal

The Other Side Art Gallery offers an Exhibbit virtual gallery experience, working within a rigorous exhibition schedule. New shows are presented weekly, and feature a diverse range of emerging artists.

"We believe art must recover the use of the form and get back to creating emotions and feelings through visual stimulation and impact."



Art Ambassador - U.S.A.

Gwenda Joyce, the founder of Art Ambassador, owned her own fine art gallery in Chicago for over 20 years.

Now, as an art career coach and artist agent, she brings her experience in the art world to help artists develop a plan for their success.

Gwenda works with artists to create effective promotional materials and make the most of social media & online marketing. She utilises two permanent Exhibbit online galleries to regularly showcase her artists exhibitions.

"Be among the artists who have transformed their prospects from being overwhelmed and stuck to bringing success and sales their way."


Eccelstone Art Agency - U.K.

Ecclestone Art Agency provides a range of freelance services related to the visual arts. Sue Ecclestone and her multi lingual team carry out research for academic projects and exhibition catalogues. They also conduct interviews with art professionals for magazines and online publications.

"Along with my team I provide a personalised service carried out to a high standard." - Sue Ecclestone.

Their gallery is promoted online, powered by Exhibbit, and features one of their artists each month.


PassionArtly - France

PassionArtly is an International Online Art Gallery where you can buy and sell original artwork from around the world. They regularly create new exhibitions and market their international artists online through usingExhibbit.

"Passionartly offers you direct access to our artists" Buy online original and unique works of art from around the world - all countries, all cultures - simply and securely"


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This year... give your art the online presentation it deserves


We are very happy to announce the release of Exhibbit version six, including a completely new gallery and plan.


All Exhibbit galleries have been renovated and are now available on both the CURATORand CURATOR PLUS plans, giving you a wider range of options.


Continuing our ethos of providing better and more affordable exhibition spaces; the new SOLO GALLERY is now available on the CURATOR plan, for the price of just two coffee's. 


Our new plan, CURATOR ADVANCED, brings together a number of useful new features that can be added to any CURATOR PLUS account. 

Visit our website for more details.



A more intimate space

The SOLO is the smallest of our galleries, and features four narrow floor to ceiling windows, providing even lighting throughout. A simple wooden bench gives the gallery scale with minimum fuss, making this the perfect space for mounting an exhibition with a small number of works.

This is an intimate environment providing both artist and viewer the simplicity and accessibility of a modern bricks and mortar gallery. 

Professional presentation

At just $5 for one whole month on the Curator Plan, even an emerging artist can hold an exhibition and present their work in a professional manner; all from a smart phone, tablet or desktop.

The Curator Plan offers space to exhibit up to eight artworks for just $5, and for another $10, the Curator Plus Plan allows you to display twelve works, for $15 monthly. 

Exhibbit mobile is a great experience, so download our free IOS or Android app to visit exhibitions wherever you are.


Recent exhibitions


Below is a selection of recent exhibitions profiled on Exhibbit for your enjoyment.
Watch the preview, or head straight to the exhibition by clicking the link below each image.

Now sit back and soak in some inspiring art.



Jim Alford sees and records astonishing celestial events with a formidable arsenal of technical prowess, depth of soul and breadth of vision at his command. When viewing his paintings, the phenomenal, quiet, meditative power of his work washes over you in waves of bliss.



In Vice & Virtue, Jeremy Penn has chosen to blend modernity with pervading sexual attitudes. He has deliberately referenced the bold, brash colors of graffiti – as it’s so often on our street corners and alleyways that we find truth in art; unashamed representations of sex and sin. 

The viewer is not only confronted with a deliberately thought-provoking word, they’re forced to see themselves as part of the image, through their reflection in the piece itself.




Art Suggest's exhibition, Panoramart, features Olivier Rizzo, alias Speedy Graphito, who brings together Ornella Rosa, a sexy and sultry girl with red hair; Trash Anderson, a punk rebel from Bordeaux; Oyo Caramel, a young Asian girl dying bedridden in hospital and some other artists.

For this exhibition, the artists worked together under the spray and stencils of their master, Speedy Graphito who, back in the 80s, was a pioneer of the French ‘Street art’ movement.




ZenitArt presents an exhibition from the Spanish Balearic Islands featuring the blue women by Marc Jesus Vives, which has become an icon of the island of Menorca.

This group exhibition also showcases works by Dolores Comas, David Monros, Doris Duschelbauer and Pastor Aina.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

How do galleries market their exhibitions, online?


The options are very similar to marketing a bricks and mortar gallery... but with a few extra possibilities.


Extending the reach of your exhibition:

The Gallery pictured below curates exhibitions in the Marble gallery, a space similar in style and size to their own, and runs them in tandem with their real gallery exhibitions.
This gives people who can't get to the gallery, and those who wish to re-visit particular artworks, the opportunity to do so.

Long Gallery

Fatu Feu'u exhibition 'The Village' at the Warwick Henderson Gallery Auckland, New Zealand

The experience:

Visitors to the virtual gallery on mobile and computers are able to closely inspect the artworks, and get a real feel for their size.
Inquiries about artworks can be made directly from within the exhibition.


Emailed before opening night a preview of the exhibition with a few selected works, will act as a reminder for people to attend. 

During the show:

After opening, the full exhibition can replace the preview as the online version.
Use Snap & Share to take a picture of your view in the gallery, to send along with a message to selected contacts and post to social sites.
This will bring people to your website to view the embedded exhibition.

Planning ahead:

During the current show, the next exhibition can be curated and previewed offline. This helps with the design process by allowing parties to visualise exhibitions before hanging the physical show.

New gallery launching soon

Solo Gallery One

The Solo Gallery will be available for both the Curator and Curator Plus plans. 

At 3.5 meters high, 7.5 long and 5 meters wide it will accommodate reasonably large works, yet not too expansive for smaller works.

It has a lush, deep chocolate low sheen floor and four discreet vertical windows, giving the gallery a restful ambience.
The five wall spaces provide ample room for up to 8 works under the Curator plan, and 12 on Curator Plus.

Pricing and launch date to be announced soon.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Exhibitions, are they really worth the effort?


The first exhibition I ever attended has left me with very vivid memories.
It was a solo show and I was surrounded by a single, very powerful narrative.
The artwork was totally brilliant, but what affected me most, was the concept of an exhibition itself.
It was the perfect platform for telling a contextual story, and to a captive audience, much like a cinema or theatre.

In the marketing of art, presentation has got to be one of the most important components, and holding an exhibition in an art gallery has long been the premiere way to achieve this.
As real estate rents rise, many galleries are ceasing to exist, so holding an exhibition is becoming more of a luxury, and one only a few can afford.

The internet is globalising the art market but its ability to showcase art in the form of an exhibition has been missing, until recently.

Heather James Fine Arts own Gallery One

Heather James Fine Art gallery - art by -  Hans Hoffman

Exhibitions require a great deal of thought and effort to pull off, so if your fortunate enough to own or have a gallery to hold one in, it makes good sense to extend its reach and life online.
If you are not represented by, or own a gallery, then online is probably the only way you will be able to show your work.
This is the very reason we created Exhibbit.  We wanted to create familiar gallery environments for art lovers and buyers to explore contextual and themed exhibitions in, a solution that artists and gallerists could manage, one that is affordable.

There are many times I have wanted to share the experience of an exhibition with my friends, but the best I could do was email or post a few photos ... now, I can send an entire exhibition for them to experience.

Peter Worrall
Co-founder - Exhibbit
Lane Worrall's exhibition in the Atrium Gallery

Latest News

Exhibbit is twice as fast - the more you use it - the faster it becomes.


We have literally made the very first download of Exhibbit twice as fast.
Subsequent downloads become even faster with average times between 14 and 5 seconds over a 4g cellular network.
This is great news for your clients wherever they are, as it evens up the delivery times to most areas of the world.


Large Artworks.

The resolution has been increased to accommodate large scale works. We have smoothed the transition when moving towards an artwork from across the room giving continued clarity of the image throughout the move. 

Julian Raven exhibition in the Exhibbit Atrium Gallery
art by Julian Raven

Navigation Instruction

We have attach a graphic to the bottom of our desktop Gallery window showing visitors how to move around the gallery and inspect artwork.

This new graphic will also be available for use in you own website.